Hyd-Mech Cold Saws: P315 Manual Pivot Arm Cold Saw
Hydmech Cold Saws: Standard Features
  • Metal base with coolant tank
  • Helical gears in an oil bath
  • Manual saw head and vise movement
  • 30 & 60 RPM Blade Speed
  • Quick Release vise system
  • Material Stop
  • Flood Coolant with submergible pump
  • Anti-Burr clamp
  • IP55 control handle with switch
  • 45° miter left & right
  • Material support roller

For more information on the Hydmech P315 cold saw, or any other cold saws please give us a call at (800)648-6370

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Hyd-Mech P 315
Manual Pivot Arm Cold Saw

The Hyd-Mech P315 cold saw is a manual pivot arm cold saw, with a 3 hp motor, and miter cuts to 45 both left and right. It is equipped with a Robust Steel Base, quick release vise system and two blade speeds.

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